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Football Fundraising Ideas with Proven Track Records


Below are the top football fundraisers in order. We only looked at the top recommended "industry leading" football fundraising companies in their respected fundraising field.

The top 5 areas we looked at extensively when evaluating football fundraising ideas were:

Value - Are football supporters getting value for their hard earned dollars?
Easy to sell - The more football supporters like the product, the easier the product is to sell.
Simplicity - Storage, Delivery or Product, etc. (complicated football fundraisers are not worth the headache).
Profit - The overall profit made from an average football fundraiser (not profit margin).
Supporter Loyalty - When next year comes around, are football supporters "running for the hills" or are they ready to support your football team again?



#1 Football Fundraiser - Fundraising Discount Cards

Value - Not only do football supporters save more than what they paid for the product, but they go on to save substantially over the course of a year. Football supporters love cards because of the value they bring!
Easy to Sell - If football supporters love discount cards, then they should be extremely easy to sell - which is definitely the case here. Fundraising cards sell themselves!
Simplicity - Very easy to store (credit card size), easy to deliver and easy to track, thereby freeing you to attend to the more important parts of your program.
Profit - The average football discount card fundraiser smoked the competition when it came to profit made by the football teams. Huge dollars brought in for thousands of football programs!
Supporter Loyalty - Football supporters can't live without their cards. Most continue to keep asking when next year's football discount card comes out and what it comes with. Saving money never goes out of style!
If you are looking at football fundraising ideas, then you need to try fundraising discount cards. The company we most recommend if doing so, is Xtraman Fundraising. They have the most and the best discounts in the industry which will assure that you win over your football supporters. They even make it easier for you by having No Minimum Order and No Upfront Costs!

#2 Football Fundraiser - Football Golf Tournament

Value - Football supporters who golf will love going to a football golf tournament.  The entry price is usually reasonable but comes with so much more to enjoy - socializing, prizes, awards, etc...
Easy to Sell - Not every football supporter likes to golf.  And, the entry fee might be a little too much for many supporters, so finding enough people to play in order to raise funds might be difficult.
Simplicity - Anyone who has ever run a football golf tournament understands that it is not a simple task and requires numerous volunteers.
Profit - This is where the football fundraiser golf tournament more than makes up for it.  MASSIVE profits can be generated from the golf tournament if it is organized and run the right way.
Supporter Loyalty - Football supporters who attend a golf tournament will usually come back year after year!
If you are looking at football fundraising ideas, the #2 football fundraiser to consider is hosting a Football Golf Tournament.  You can find some great info on golf tournaments at Golf Digest.
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