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Every year, thousands of high school teams, programs, clubs, and students search for the best of all high school fundraising ideas. Where do they go? They look no further then right here. With all of the high school fundraisers available, finding the right one is much easier said, then done. Limited time, usually prevents many groups from holding more than one fundraiser, so picking the most efficient and effective high school fundraiser is crucial to their success. A good majority of the time, they only get one shot to get it right.

Today, we are proud and honored to assist thousands across the U.S. in finding their ideal high school fundraiser.

"Our soccer team has tried everything under the sun when it came to soccer fundraisers and finally after someone recommended this site to us, we found our ideal high school soccer fundraiser. We ended up going with the "Best of all High School Fundraising Ideas" and we raised twice as much as we have in past years. I have since recommended this site to several other fundraising coordinators in our baseball network who have been searching for quality soccer fundraisers for some time now. Thanks so much"

It is stories like these that make us proud to be America's #1 resource for high school fundraisers. Here, you will find only the best high school fundraisers available - great ideas and products that supporters actually want. Here, we understand what works and what doesn't. You will only find high school fundraisers that have proven track records of success.


Finding the Right High School Fundraiser is Even More Important Nowadays.


High school budgets are being trimmed down more each year. With budgets being pinched, the need for good high school fundraisers is at an all time high. Something to keep in mind when looking at fundraising ideas, is finding out what fundraising products or events your supporters would want more than others. The more attractive the fundraiser is, the more support you will receive.

Whether you are raising money for new equipment, uniforms, trips, events, services, programs, facilities or structures, well, you have definitely come to the right place!

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